1. Introduction

Tushar Mungle

2. Research experience

Clinical/Medical informatics, Medical Image Analysis.

3. Research interest

Exploring various way to analyse medical information and predict doses of chemotherapy drugs during maintenance therapy
during acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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4. Previous working experience

  1. Clinical/Medical Informatics – Role of medical informatics platform for management of maintenance chemotherapy for children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in a low resource setting.
  2. Medical Image Analysis – Developed automated image analysis methods for early prognosis of breast cancer using machine learning techniques for microscopic pathological images.

5. Publication

1. Mungle, T., Tewary, S., Das, D., Arun, I., Basak, B., Agarwal, S., Ahmed, R., Chatterjee, S. and Chakraborty, C., 2017. MRF-ANN: a machine learning approach for automated ER scoring of breast cancer immunohistochemical images. Journal of Microscopy

2. Mungle, T., Tewary, S., Arun, I., Basak, B., Agarwal, S., Ahmed, R., Chatterjee, S., Maity, A.K. and Chakraborty, C., 2017. Automated characterization and counting of Ki-67 protein for breast cancer prognosis: A quantitative immunohistochemistry approach. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 139, pp.149-161.

3. Maity, M., Mungle, T., Dhane, D., Maiti, A.K. and Chakraborty, C., 2017. An Ensemble Rule Learning Approach for Automated Morphological Classification of Erythrocytes. Journal of Medical Systems, 41(4), p.56.

4. Maity, M., Dhane, D., Mungle, T., Maiti, A.K. and Chakraborty, C., 2017. Web-Enabled Distributed Health-Care Framework for Automated Malaria Parasite Classification: an E-Health Approach. Journal of Medical Systems, 41(12), p.192.

5. Dhane, D.M., Maity, M., Mungle, T., Bar, C., Achar, A., Kolekar, M. and Chakraborty, C., 2017. Fuzzy spectral clustering for automated delineation of chronic wound region using digital images. Computers in Biology and Medicine.

6. Maity, M., Dhane, D.M., Mungle, T., Chakraborty, R., Deokamble, V. and Chakraborty, C., 2016, September. A Secure One-Time Password Authentication Scheme Using Image Texture Features. International Symposium on Security in Computing and Communication (pp. 283-294). Springer Singapore