1. Introduction

Shinjini Chandra
M.Sc in Bio-Chemistry

2. Research experience & Interest

I am working as a Research Assistant, in the Cell Biology Group of TTCRC, Tata Medical Center from June 2020. Here my research work mostly focus on the primary tissue banking and understanding the molecular mechanism involved in disease pathogenesis in the  of Gall Bladder Cancer.

After completion of M.Sc. I was appointed as a Research Assistant at S. N. Pradhan Centre For Neurosciences, University of Calcutta from February 2017 to November 2019. In my project I found out the cause of ‘Wilsons Diseases’ caused by the accumulation of the copper in the body and the role of Copper Metabolism in Neuronal Differentiation.

Then I was working as a Research Assistant in GCC Biotech India Pvt Ltd in Protein R&D Laboratory from January 2019 till May 2020. There, I was working on Protein Purification (Ni-NTA methods, Affinity Chromatography), RNA isolation and Real Time PCR and develop One-Step PCR Kit, qPCR Kit and lastly cDNA Isolation Kit.