sangramjeet basu ttcrc

1. Introduction

Sangramjit Basu
M.Sc Bioinformatics

2. Research experience

I began my career in research at CROs as bioinformatician. I have worked across three companies and one academic institute. In the companies I have setup bioinformatics pipelines for analysis of data generated through 2rd generation sequencing technology mainly Illumina and Solexa. I have, with my teammates, have also worked on PacBio data followed by Nanopore data to standardize pipeline to assemble smaller genomes as well complete genome gaps. On genomic settings, I have performed genome assemblies followed by gene prediction as well complete genome gaps and GWAS studies through SNP prediction. On transcriptomics, I have done gene expression studies across human chronic disease samples, middle east population solid tumor samples, plant disease samples as well model organism samples for morphogenesis studies. On epigenetics, I have performed methylation study to explore salt tolerance in plant as well ChIP-seq-RNA studies to understand inflammation reaction in mouse model. In academics, I have worked on miRNA studies to understand the defense mechanism to rust in resistant cultivars of Wheat.

3. Research interest

Here at TTCRC, I am working on RNASeq data of leukemia samples wherein we have an amalgamated data pool of Genomic Copy Number Variation data and genomic TES data. I have the interest to see how the gene expression is implicated in presence of both the copy number variation as well the somatic mutation. I am also exploring the methods to use RNASeq data to autonomously explore mutation prediction and gene fusion detection.
On an effort to expand my scientific horizon, I am exploring pipelines to analyse SWATH-MS proteomic data and then correlate the finding to RNASeq data from illumine platform.