1. Introduction

Rizwan Javed
M.B.B.S, M.D (Path), Fellowship (Transfusion Medicine), M.Sc ( Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences), Commonwealth Scholar 2017/18

2. Research experience

As part of Master’s dissertation in the UK NHS Blood and Transplant, which is also home to International Blood Group Reference laboratory (IBGRL), Rizwan performed and analyzed the results of next generation sequencing in cultured Bristol erythroid lineage- adult cells and compared the findings with sequencing studies in cultured primary erythroid cells from healthy human donors.

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3. Research interest

Keen to learn and develop laboratory techniques involved in manufacturing of CAR-T cells.

4. Previous working experience
  • TATA Medical Center, Kolkata (1 year+)
    • Junior Consultant in Clinical Haematology & BMT – 15th May 2019 – till date
  • TATA Medical Center, Kolkata (6 months)
    • Clinical Associate in Clinical Haematology & BMT – 15th November 2018 – 14th May 2019
  • AMRI Hospitals (3 months 15 days)
    • Junior Consultant in Transfusion Medicine – 26th May 2017 – 11th September 2017
  • TATA Medical Center, Kolkata (2 months)
    • Observer in Bone marrow transplant unit  – 1st April 2017- 23rd May 2017
  • TATA Medical Center, Kolkata (2 years)
    • Fellow in Transfusion Medicine – 14th March 2015 – 13th March 2017
  • National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Bangalore
    • Training in Therapeutic plasma exchange  – 1st February 2017- 21st February 2017
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (2 months)
    • Tutor (Medical), Transfusion Medicine  – 05th January 2015 – 09th March 2015
  • Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences, Bathinda (6 months)
    • Assistant Professor of Pathology  – 01st July 2014 – 3rd January 2015
    • Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research, Kolar
  • Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar
    • Junior Residency in Pathology  – May 2011 – April 2014
5. Publications
  1. Javed R, Ahmadi F, Jawed A. Precious platelets: The utility of cold‑stored and cryopreserved platelets. Glob J Transfus Med 2020;5:17-21.
  2. Javed R, Jawed A. Promising platelets: potential benefits and extended life-span of cold-stored and cryopreserved platelets. Al Ameen J Med Sci 2019; 12(1): 1-3.
  3. Javed R, Basu S. Should we reconsider platelet content criteria for single donor platelets in West Bengal,India?. Asian J Transfus Sci 2017;11:69-70
  4. Javed R, Basu S, Mishra DK. Evaluation of two methods for counting residual leukocytes in leuko-reduced platelets: Nageotte’s method and flow cytometry. Glob J Transfus Med 2016;1:43-5.
  5. Javed R, Jawed A, Basu S, Gupta S. Significance of Type and Screen in Elective Surgery: A Case Report J Clin Biomed Sci 2016; 6(4): 139-14.
  6. Javed R, Datta SS, Basu S, Chakrapani A. Resolution of serological problems due to cold agglutinins in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Indian J Hematol Blood Transfusion, January 2016;32(1),290-293.
  7. Javed R, Suresh TN, Shetty MVK. Study of morphological spectrum of prostatic lesions and its correlation with Ki-67 in a tertiary care hospital in rural South India. Al Ameen J Med Sci 2016;9(3):175-182.