1. Introduction

Parag Das

2. experience

 Started working in Pediatric Oncology Department of Tata Medical Center Kolkata as an intern under CankidsKidscan in 2017, and eventually took up the roles of Data Manager and Clinical Research Assistant working with JivDaya Foundation in their Indian Pediatric Oncology Initiative project. In 2019 I joined the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) of TTCRC as a Data Manager.

My technical skills include- supporting clinical management of patients in the paediatric oncology trials under the CRU, management and analysis of data for clinical studies, and management of data in the Central Trial Management System (CTMS).

3. Research interest

Alongside supporting the clinical supervision of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at TMC and analysis of data of studies under CRU, I am interested to assess the incidence of treatment related toxicity in patients treated on our multicenter trial ICiCLe-ALL-14. Another area of my interest is evaluating the tolerance of an augmented intensification schedule in patients with poor response (induction failure and/or persistent minimal residual disease at end of consolidation) or very high risk (such as Ph+ ALL with high presentation leucocyte count) acute lymphoblastic leukaemia where allogeneic stem cell transplantation in first remission is not feasible. In future my focus will be supporting the development of protocols for the management of Infant acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.