1. Introduction

Neerajana Datta
Project Coordinator
Ph.D. Biotechnology

2. Research experience

Before making a transition to translational research, I have been a student of molecular biology, with experience in the field of human genetics and cellular signaling, being primarily interested in studying the molecular biology of cancer. As part of my M.Sc studies in the University of Leicester, UK, I studied the association between copy number variations and late tissue toxicity effects of radiotherapy in breast cancer patients and compared radiosensitivity of primary cultured murine breast tumor cells with the adherent normal cells. For my doctoral thesis, I worked in a signal transduction lab (Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata), where I studied the mechanism of transcriptional regulation and stability of a notable tumor suppressor in breast cancer, along with downstream cascading effects on cellular apoptosis. My work included immunohistochemical analyses; promoter, immunofluorescence, and immunoprecipitation studies; cell cycle analyses; and several functional assays that help delineate gene expression networks. I also developed experimental expertise in animal handling for development of primary and metastatic tumor model.

3. Research interest

My experience as an academic researcher and a professional in the field of scientific writing and now working in the Clinical Trial Unit of TTCRC give me an opportunity to translate my understanding of scientific research and communication to help develop clinical trials to bring novel therapies in pediatric leukemia. In partnership with investigators, clinicians, sponsors, a research team, and data managers, my comprehensive goal would be to design, conduct, and centrally coordinate clinical trials, aimed at improving patient outcomes, patient experience, and healthcare.

4. Previous working experience

Following doctoral studies, I worked as a Scientific Reviewer for Cactus Communications (Editage), where my role included scientific and English language editing, reviewing, and proofreading of academic manuscripts, help revise manuscripts based on journal feedback, and frame appropriate rebuttal to ensure that they meet the standards of international publications.


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