1. Introduction

Manimaran Paramasivam
M.Sc., Ph.D. in Biotechnology

2. Research experience & Interest

I have completed my MSc. in Biotechnology from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and obtained Doctoral degree in Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University. During my PhD, my research was focused on identifying genetic mutation leading to membrane trafficking and targeting in thiamine responsive megaloblastic anemia (TRMA). After completion of my PhD, I further wanted to expand my experience in molecular genetics and therapeutics in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur joined as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Biological Sciences & Bio engineering. While in IIT, my research involved Adeno associated virus mediated Gene transfer on developing and translating novel therapies for clinical applications. In conjuncture to aforementioned, I have worked as a DST SERB National Post-Doctoral Fellow dissertation using the AAV system to have the gene therapy for the TRMA disease and the other one is factor VIII binding affinity to LRPII has to modify and the half-life the Factor has to increase.

Later in my career I obtained industrial experience while working in the Zydus Biologics, Cadila Healthcare bio pharma company as Senior Executive.  There my responsibility was to analyze the drug substance and drug product for proliferation assays, cytotoxicity assays, apoptosis assay, cytopathic assay under the GMP system.

I am working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the cell biology team since February 2020. Here, my research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in disease pathogenesis in gallbladder cancer. This work involves the generation of immortalized and modified cells representing gallbladder cancer in India to study the cross-talk between p53 and NF-kB signaling pathways. We would like to extend this approach to pre-clinical organoid model as well.

3. Publication