1. Introduction

Manash Pratim Gogoi
Bachelor in Hospital Management

2. experience

After working at Tata Medical Center (TMC)withJivDaya Foundation in Indian Pediatric Oncology Initiative projectand with CanKids-KidsCan in Household Out of Pocket Expenditure project as a Data Manager, in 2017 I joined the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) of TTCRC as a Data Manager. Along my way I have gathered extensive experience in collection and organization of patient data, supporting clinical patient management, and management and analysis of data from clinical studies under CRU.

My technical skills include- supporting clinical management of patients in the paediatric oncology trials under the CRU, management and analysis of data for clinical studies, management of data in the Central Trial Management System (CTMS) and data analysis using various statistical tools.

3. Research interest

Alongside supporting the clinical management and supervision of patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia(ALL)under ICiCLe-ALL-14 trial at TMC, I supportcoordination of InPOGALL R1 Study which will provide a standardized therapy in the country to treat children diagnosed with Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.I am also involved in various scientific studies under the unit such as the Native EColiAsparaginase Studyand support in optimization ofMaintenance therapy in ICiCLe-ALL-14 Trial.

4. Publication

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