Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

The Clinical Research Unit at TTCRC (CRU) was established in January 2014 and is involved in the design, development, management, analysis and reporting of academic clinical studies in cancer. It provides the facilities to conduct end-to-end Clinical Trials and plays a major role in coordinating clinical studies linked with the translational research. The year 2019 saw expansion of CRU’s portfolio of clinical studies in paediatric acute  phoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and involvement in a newly-initiated multi-disciplinary institutional study in gallbladder cancer. The CRU continues to function as the pivot for translational laboratory studies at TTCRC aimed at developing effective affordable anti-cancer therapeutics (asparaginase in ALL) and therapies (minimal residual disease monitoring and maintenance therapy in ALL). The team includes CRU Head, Clinical Trials Administrator, Data Analyst, Data Managers and seconded personnel from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).


Shekhar Krishnan

Administrative Lead

Nandana Das

Clinical Trial Manager

Manash Pritam Gogoi

CRU Data Manager

Samik Samaddar

CRU Data Manager

Parag Das

CRU Data Manager

Pravin Nimbalkar

Data Manager

Amit Kumar Mehta

Data Analyst

Tushar Mungle

Postdoc fellow

Neerajana Datta

Clinical Trial Manager

Bishwaranjan Jana

Data Manager