TiMBR is a functioning biorepository. Our staffs have been trained to the highest standards with stringent training and safety programmes in place. Standards of procedures for sample collection, fractionation are continuously being developed as required by best practices.  Sample quality and downstream analyses are checked at regular intervals. Robust data processing systems are in place and ready for enhancement. TiMBR has a three-step strategy for sustainability. First, biobanking is modelled on cost recovery with allocation for banking integrated into grant funding. Project-based banking ensures that banked material is utilised over the life of the project, minimising the requirement for indefinite long-term storage and associated infrastructure demands. Second, TiMBR’s services include downstream multimodal high-throughput analyses of banked material, providing a high-quality, cost-beneficial option for researchers. Third, we aim to develop living organoid bank from deposited material as a revenue generating resource. This provides authentic ex vivo disease models for personalised medicine research for investigators and industry.


Ritam Siddhanta

Biorepository Technologist

Kankana Das

Biorepository Technologist

Abhirupa Kar

Biorepository Manager