1. Introduction

Anushka Ojha
M.Sc Molecular biology & Human genetics
Designation: Research Assistant in Genomics.

2. Research Experience

  • Trained in monitoring Ig/TCR based PCR-MRD and leukemia biobanking workflow.
  • My technical proficiency includes handling sequencing platforms like 3500 Genetic Analyzer, Qubit instruments, end-point and real-time PCR instruments like Step One Plus, Quant-Studio 7, Veriti and Proflex.
  • Involved in standardization of fusion based PCR-MRD monitoring

3. Research interest

Being a molecular biologist and a budding researcher, I believe in working for the betterment of our healthcare. My primary interest lies in the field of cancer genetics, and I want to be able to contribute to the best of my abilities, to help find solutions to cancer. I want to translate the skills and expertise I have, in a form that would be beneficial for the society. My ultimate goal is to be involved in research, in the field of cancer biology, and to thus be able to join the global efforts in finding a solution to cancer

4. Current projects

  • Monitoring Minimal Residual Disease by detecting Ig/TCR gene rearrangements using PCR for Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients.

5. Previous working experience

  1. Organization name: Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre Designation: Intern Work description: Molecular diagnostic tests by RT-PCR methods i.e detection of diagnostic markers like BCR-ABL, PML-RARA, ALL/AML translocation panels, TPMT. Detection of FLT-3 mutations by gel electrophoresis and restriction digestion. Detection of infectious diseases like CMV, HPV, HCV, HBV, by RT-PCR. 
  2. Organization name: Biophysics, MAHE, Manipal Designation: Dissertation trainee.  Work description: The aim of the study was to investigate conformational change in HSA due to non-enzymatic glycation using Light Emitting Diode-Induced Autofluorescence (LED-IAF) & to further validate the results with other biochemical and spectroscopic analysis.
  3. Organization name: ATGC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata Designation: Summer trainee. Work description: Standardization for Five Common Variants of Beta-thalassemia in the Eastern part of India.

6. Certifications

  • “From disease to genes and back” Novosibirsk State University, Coursera
  • “Python for Genomic Data Science” John Hopkins University, Coursera
  • “Programming for Everybody (Getting started with Python)” The University of Michigan, Coursera
  • “Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression” The University of Melbourne, Coursera,
  • “Introduction to the Biology of Cancer” John Hopkins University, Coursera


  • Ojha A, Banik S, Melanthota SK, Mazumder N. Light emitting diode (LED) based fluorescence microscopy for tuberculosis detection: a review. Lasers in medical science. 2020 Aug;35(6):1431-7.